Our Services

Corporate and Investment Banking

Aldom Capital offers our corporate and investment banking clients a full suite of comprehensive wholesale banking solutions, complemented by a focus on client relationships.

Specialized Lending

What’s on your wish list? A new car, an RV or boat, a little extra cash for that dream vacation? We’ve got a loan to fit your needs! Since we make our decisions locally we can offer competitive rates and affordable terms tailored to your needs!

Retail and Business Banking

Aldom Capital Retail and Business Banking takes care of all our individual clients, as well as businesses with an annual turnover of less than R750 million. Aldom Capital reported a 15% rise in earnings for the first half of the year.

Premier Wealth

Premier Wealth offers broad-based wealth management solutions to high-net-worth clients through our offices in Netherlands, London, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and the UAE. We currently manage more than R212 billion in assets,

Finance & Risk Management

Wealth and Investment designs risk management strategies for our clients through the identification, analysis and prioritization of risks, followed by a process of implementing risk solutions to minimize, monitor and control the probability

Trust and Fiduciary

With Aldom Capital’s Wealth and Investment, you are assured that the best long-term plans for legacy wealth management have been put in place – ensuring the next generation can build on the foundation of wealth you have created.

Business & Financial Consultants

When it comes to managing wealth, each decision you make could have a major impact on your future. For more than 30 years, our passion is in helping you clarify even the most complicated financial situations, so you can make informed decisions with confidence. We’re on your side. And we’re here to help.



Analyze The Opportunities

Your life savings reflect years of smart decisions. Diligence, discipline, and hard work. Moving from the “earning years” to the “spend down” years is different.

If you want clear guidance to make key financial choices with confidence, then schedule a call with our team today!